by Mark Reed, for Fanatic U

3 great things about Steve Yzerman coming back to the Wings!

  • We can relive the glory days
  • He’s proven himself but he’s still hungry for his first Cup as a GM
  • More than anything, this move celebrates the values that define Detroit

Callout: In your opinion, what’s the best thing about Steve Yzerman coming back to the Wings?

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OK so we’ve all had a few days to let the euphoria sink in about Stevie Y coming back to the Red Wings.  There are so many good things about this, but we all have different thoughts on it. Here are a few of ours.

The glory days are back!

He started his run with the Wings in 1983, as an 18-year-old 4th round draft pick. He went on to spend his entire 23-year playing career wearing the winged wheel. Four years into it, at the age of 21, he was named Captain and served in that role until he retired in 2006 – 21 straight years, the longest-serving captain in the history of major league sports. He helped lead the Wings to five first place finishes and three Stanley Cup championships (1997, 1998 and 2002), and retired as the seventh all-time leading scorer in NHL history. Yzerman was inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame in 2009, his first year of eligibility.

He’s been there/done that, with two different teams!

After he retired, he served in the Wings front office, winning a fourth Stanley Cup as VP of Operations in 2007-08. In 2010, he left the Wings to take the General Manager position with the Tampa Bay Lightning.

His success continued in the Sunshine State, as the Lightning made the playoffs five times in eight seasons, including four Conference Finals and a Stanley Cup Final. This year’s team tied the record for most regular season wins at 62. Guess who they tied with? The 1995-96 Red Wings, with Yzerman as its Captain.

For all his success as a player and in the front office, Steve has yet to win a Stanly Cup as a General Manager. It may not happen right away, but we know it has a great chance of happening in Detroit because he has the talent and the commitment to the organization and the fans that spans five decades!

Don’t call it a comeback

So everybody is going bonkers about how great it is to have him back in Detroit.  But the truth is even though he worked for Tampa Bay, he’s been back in Detroit for almost a year now. We won’t tell anybody Stevie, but we know your heart was always here, too.

Players return to their old teams a lot, but in this case it was much more than just a homecoming. This is a guy who epitomizes Detroit and Michigan with his blue collar work ethic, his no nonsense approach, and his family commitment. First and foremost is his immediate family (which he gave as the reason he stepped down as GM of the Lightning last summer). But it’s also the millions of others throughout Michigan and the world that cherish him as a hero.

We know this new job feels good for Stevie, but it also feels good for us. This is what sports is all about, pulling for the home team, and your favorite player.  Winning, losing, and even when they’re away for a bit on a road trip!

One other thing…hockey’s a cold weather sport

One more cold hard fact on why Stevie’s back…hockey is made to be played in a climate like this…








Not like this….








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