Defenseless in Detroit

“Defense wins championships,” is the mantra in almost every sport. Remembering the Pistons 2003-04 championship years, the team had exceptional defensive prowess with players such as Big Ben Wallace and Tayshaun Prince. The front court has since received an upgrade with the addition of two nearly seven-footers in Andre Drummond and Greg Monroe.Andre Drummond playing defense

So why the lackluster performance on the defensive end during Saturday night’s season opener? The game versus the Brooklyn Nets was just that, only the season opener. If the front court can’t get defensive stops down the stretch however, this season will be much like last year and will undoubtedly end in failing to reach the playoffs again.

There were a few bright spots with second year guard, Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, and Brandon Jennings in the back court. Once the front court gels with consistent teamwork, the Pistons look to have a spark that could generate some offensive flow and continuity.

The key to the Pistons’ success is teamwork. “Our full house beats your two pair,” is a tagline from a banner of the glory days from the 2003-04 championship run. That notion should be instilled into the fabric of the DNA of the new Stan Van Gundy led Pistons team. It should be implemented on both sides of the ball for both the offense and defense.

During last Saturday’s game, there were way too many stretches where the offense was stagnant and the defense was non-existent. Given that the November 1st matchup versus the Brooklyn Nets was just the beginning of the season, teamwork on both ends of the floor must be achieved in order to obtain a winning record and have any chance of reaching the playoffs.


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